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The aim of the training is to offer you approach that aims to provide learning in interplay between experience and reflection, based on concrete experience in authentic situations. Our courses are based mainly on real world learning and outdoor learning activities - as we believe when the learning space is being moved out into life in society, the natural and cultural environment could improve creativity, curiosity, motivation and long-life learning.

 Each course has a mix of practical modules, workshops and lectures with space to share experiences in the European perspective. Different teaching methods and techniques for daily school life will be demonstrated, experienced and reflected upon action.

Our courses include a range of outdoor and indoor activities including personal and social development and (where possible) also visits to schools.

Course Strategy and Management for school development is prepared for school management staff lead by Dusan Bartunek – experienced coach and leader.

Why to choose our courses for your project?

Why you should include outdoor learning to any project or school and how it could help you to fulfil your and projects aims?

  • Our courses offer you a holistic approach to learning. By implementing outdoor learning we expect more motivated students, long lasting learning and less drop outs from school.
  • Real world learning addresses educational inequality, re-motivating children who do not thrive in the traditional classroom environment, such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with Special Educational Needs.
  • Methods of outdoor learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together - the most meaningful learning occurs through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.
  • Learning in nature tackles social mobility, giving children new and exciting experiences that inspire them to reach their true potential – these activities are helpful for training refugee children, children from disadvantage background and intercultural classrooms.
  • Learning outside the classroom is known to contribute significantly to improving pupils’ personal, social & emotional development.
  • Outdoor learning is interdisciplinary education  field – you can teach outside any subject or topic, outdoor environment is great to learn not only Science but also Math, Art, History or secondary language – anything you might want.


Our courses are led by experienced and professional lecturers and provide high quality of background, material and equipment.

Each participant obtain the Certificate of Attendance and confirmation to Europass .

For each day of the programme we will reflect on what we
have done and how we can use the ideas we learnt when
we return home.

The course provider support after the course activities,
eg. professional exchange in the field.

Training also could help you to find partners for future school projects and job shadowing as well as contact with universities
for Outdoor Education.

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AN Erasmus+ PROJECT?

Erasmus+ mobilities are available for school teachers, adult educators and vocational education professionals. Your organisation can apply for a mobility project.

Visit the website of your National Agency for updated information. As applicant you will be asked to create a unique PIC-number for your organization. PIC-number for Outdoored is 923254440.

You can register your interest for an in-service teacher training. By filling in the pre-registration of interest you let us know what you need. Complete the form with your contact details and some information about your wishes. Everybody from your organisation could attend the same course or small groups of teachers could attend courses at different times over a one to two year period.

Finally apply for a course. When you know you can attend/your grant has been approved, please contact us by email.

As soon as we have enough participants we let you know, then you also by email will be asked to fill in the on-line full registration (one for each participant).

When you are fully committed to the course, the final information will be sent to you.

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