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New ways of learning developing creativity, motivation and curiosity

former course Learning different subject outdoors

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How to teach curriculum content interdisciplinary in the real world settings

In the Czech Republic

9.9.2018 – 14.9.2018

14.4.2019 – 19.4.2019

8.9.2019 – 13.9.2019

12.9.2020 – 17.4.2020

6.9.2020 – 11.9.2020


  • interdisciplinary content based on” learning by doing” combined with “reflection upon action”
  • experience how to provoke and raise pupils´ curiosity by learning in the real world settings
  • try methods of experience-based learning and sensory awareness as a way how to develop pupils´ creativity, motivation and curiosity
  • learn how to improve pupils’ personal, social & emotional development
  • get know new ways of learning in a cross-cultural perspective and share experience and knowledge with others
  • learn how could outdoor environment help to motivate and re-motivate children who do not thrive in the traditional classroom environment, such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • develop a personal activity plan - how to put new knowledge into action back home and how to support the school development


The main methods will be through practical training, cooperative work, various activities and discussions. The content is thematic and interdisciplinary and based on ”learning by doing” combined with “reflection upon action”. Through experiencing by heart, hand and head and outdoor activities we learn how to improve personal and social development, develop creativity, motivation and curiosity.

Positive atmosphere, exchange and fun is a part of the process during the week. The course will take place mainly outdoors close to nature, in the rural as well as the urban landscape, included field trips and visit of local schools.

Every day we reflect up on what have we done, what was the purpose and how can we use this back home/professionally, how can we adopt it to our professional life, schools – and learning conditions in Europe.



School and pre-schools: Teachers at level Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Special  Education.
Other organisations: Staff working in educational organisations, University students.


Six days (Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon), please add time for travelling the day before and after.


Britta Brügge, Dusan Bartunek, Petra Koppova


Each participant obtains The Certificate of Attendace and confirmation to Europass.


Course fee: 618 €

(program, equipment and materials, field trips and excursions, administration, also including organizational costs)

Subsistence costs: 585 €

(all the meals, accommodation, and local travel)

In total 1200 €

of interest for course


The course is residential, accommodation and food will be arranged by the organizer.

The course is held in Kutna Hora, near Prague, in the Czech Republic. Kutna hora is possibly the most popular and probably the most rewarding destination due to its amazing historical centre and silver mine history part of the World Heritage (UNESCO).  We stay in a pleasant venue right in the heart of the town but close to nature.

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